Why installing a high security lock is a good investment? - Decor Handles

Why installing a high security lock is a good investment?

With crime on the rise in South Africa, securing your home is our first line of defense against break in's and robberies. Apart from installing electric fence's, passives, beams and CCTV cameras. A high-quality lock goes a long way when keeping burglars at bay. Here at Decor Handles, we like to advise our client's not necessarily on the more expensive choice of the lock but more secure. Our wide range of security locks and cylinders for different applications are all internationally and locally approved to keep you safe and sound. 

Additionally, we can advise on the correct lock for your situation. For example, if you have children, we can advise on a lock that is child-friendly and safe, ensuring that your child does not get locked in. This will save you time and money on unnecessary calls to your local locksmith. If you have offices with many different divisions then we have a smart solution for you whereby you can assign entry to whom you want when you want. We also provide master keys and grand-master key solutions as well as keyed alike solutions.