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The Perfect Door Handle

What is the perfect Door Handle?

Firstly, the answer the question is that there is no perfect door handle. Here at Decor Handles, we tend to ask our clients what they can afford? What is their budget? With that information, we propose door handles that suit their budget and style. 

Another important point to have in mind is shape, colour, and size. Does the customer want a small handle? perhaps a concealed handle? Must the handle be black? rose gold? brass? How does the handle feel in the hand of the client?

Many questions are asked before the purchase of a door handle. Here at Decor Handles, we have an answer to all your questions. We strive to give all our customers that personal care and advice. 

For example, many people buying handles will not tell you where the handle is going. Is it for their own house or maybe a project they are doing at the coast? These details are very important to us and that is why we ask our customers these questions. Handles wear and tear differently at the coast than inland. We recommend solid brass or stainless steel 304 grade at the coast due to high moisture, brass plated, or regular stainless-steel handles will rust. 

And finally, to conclude, the perfect door handle is subjective to client’s style and preference. We recommend that the Door handles match the other Decorative fittings around the room, but in the end, it is completely up to the client to decide what is best for them.