External Door Locks

Decor Handles offers a diverse collection of external door locks, designed to provide both style and security for your home or business. Our range includes cylinder mortice locks, which offer convenience and ease of use with their key-operated cylinders. These locks are ideal for everyday use and provide a reliable level of security. For those seeking enhanced protection, we also offer our 5 lever lock, specifically designed for high-security applications. With its robust construction and advanced locking mechanism, this lock ensures the utmost security for your property. Whether you prioritize convenience or high security, Decor Handles has the perfect external door lock solution for you.


Product type
Professional cylinder mortise lock (lock body only) - Decor Handles
Save 18%
Cylinder mortice lock - sabs approved (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Save 40%
Two Pin Security Lock with Star Key - Decor Handles
Save 22%
Hook lock - for aluminum sliding or stacking doors - Decor Handles
Save 33%
Roller Lock (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Cylinder Mortice Lock with 65mm Cylinder - Decor Handles
Save 40%
5 Lever Door Lock - High Security - Mortise Lock - Decor Handles
Save 13%
Hook lock for wooden sliding doors (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Roller lock - Brushed finish (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Sold Out
Yale High Security Deadbolt - Double Cylinder - Decor Handles
6 in stock
Door Lock - Latch - 60mm Backset - Double Locking (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Save 17%
3 Pin Double Locking High Security Door Lock (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Sold Out
Security Gate Lock - 5 Lever - Decor Handles
Save 40%
Double hook lock - Decor Handles
2 in stock
Double hook lock
From R 38600
5 Lever mortice lock stainless steel- high security - Decor Handles
Save 15%
Gate latch lock with hold open (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Save 14%
Swing lock - Decor Handles
Save 33%
Swing lock
From R 19900 R 29900
Rebate kit for mortise cylinder lock (ML-262) - Decor Handles
High Security 4-Pin Lock - 50mm Backset - Decor Handles
6 in stock
Slam lock with anti-theft pin (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Latch lock with 8mm follower - Decor Handles
5 in stock
Electric striker plate - Decor Handles
3 Pin Double Locking Door Lock - 60mm Backset - Latch (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
3 in stock
Hook lock for wooden sliding door (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles
Sold Out
Aluminium Door Lock - 25mm Backset (Lock Body Only) - Decor Handles - DOOR LOCKS
Save 29%
4 Pin Locking 50mm Backset Latch Lock - High Security - Decor Handles
Sold Out
Magnetic Mortice Lock - Decor Handles
Save 20%
Security Gate Lock - 40mm Backset Deadlock - Decor Handles