Jewelry Box Fittings

Introducing our newest collection of jewelry box fittings! This beautiful selection of Decor Handles offers a wide variety of unique and stylish options to help you accessorize your jewelry box. With everything from delicate drawer pulls to ornate knobs, this collection has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a subtle touch or something more dramatic, these fittings will help you achieve the perfect look for your jewelry box.


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Mini Box Swing Clasp Pressed - Decor Handles
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Decorative Jewelry Box Hinge - Decor Handles
Save 50%
Decorative Jewelry Box Hinge - Antique Brass - Decor Handles
Save 45%
Decorative Mini Box Clasp - Decor Handles
Save 47%
Decorative Mini Box Clasp
From R 1600 R 3000
Solid Gold Plated Mini Box Swing Clasp - Decor Handles
Save 28%
Jewelry Box Click-on Clasp - Decor Handles
Jewelry Box Hook Lock - Decor Handles
Decorative Box Corner Top Brass Plated - Decor Handles
Gold Plated Mini Box Hinge Stay - Decor Handles
Tiny Screws for Jewelry Box Fittings - pack of 100 - Decor Handles
Decorative Hook Clasp for Mini Boxes - Decor Handles
Gold Plated Box Stay - Decor Handles
9 in stock
Jewelry Box Click-on Clasp - Decor Handles
3 in stock
Gold Plated Piano Hinge for Mini Boxes - Decor Handles
Hasp and Staple for Mini Box Brass Plated - Decor Handles
Brass Plated Box Stay - Decor Handles
Solid Brass Briefcase or Gift Box Clasp - Decor Handles
Jewelry Box Lock - Decor Handles
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Double Sided Box Hinge Brass Plated - Decor Handles
Mini Box Hasp and Staple with Hook Brass Plated - Decor Handles
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Decorative Mini Box Clasp Knock-in - Decor Handles
Jewelry Box Handle - Decor Handles
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Mini Box Hinge in Chrome - Decor Handles - JEWELRY BOX FITTINGS