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Which Door Locks to choose with your Door Handle - A Guide

I haven't written a post in a while as I was away in Plettenberg Bay. Hope everyone has a restful holiday, I know that its been over a month back at work and most of you probably feel like holidays were a distant memory. 

Today I would like to discuss with you how to choose the correct locks for your door handles.

Not all locks are the same and will suit your door handle choice, so please read this blog post to get more info and if you are still unsure what lock you are needing please don't hesitate to email me with pictures of your current lock or give me a call and I will assist. My details can be found on the Contact us section of the website

When selecting a handle from our Door Handles on Rose or Door Handles on Plate selection, please look for info on what type of key plates or keyholes they come with. Most of our handles have the option for either Normal key, or cylinder. This will affect the type of lock you will choose. 

For normal key plates/holes, we have 2 Lever, 3 Lever, 4 Lever or 5 Lever for high security. 

For cylinder key plates/holes: 

Internal doors: ML-262 (recommended) or ML-220 (recommended) both high security locks.

External doors: I recommend using a handle that supports either 5 Lever (with normal keyhole) or choosing to go with Cylinder Locks, Either double locking or single locking. ML-262(single locking) or ML-20060.(double locking)*

When selecting Pull Handles or Central knobs, I recommend the Roller Locks* - These locks have adjustable rollers depending on the strength you desire to keep the door closed when unlocked. It also helps to keep the door from blowing open on windy days. Most of our Roller Locks are double locking high security locks. 


Another thing to take into consideration when buying or replacing locks is the amount of space in your door where the lock is installed. 

*Some doors are completely flat where others have glass panes or panels. Please use a skilled carpenter when installing your locks as they will know what fits and what doesn't. Some sizes to understand are the back-set of certain locks. The back-set is the distance from the edge of the door to the middle of the key hole. If your door provides limited space from the edge we have different size back-set locks available. From 25mm to 60mm. 

cylinder mortise lock