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Decor Handles Smart Locks

Decor Handles now keeps a collection of smart locks. These are door locks that make use of technologies such as Bluetooth, infrared, bio-metrics and digital pins for a key-less entry. 

Advantage of using a smart lock:

  • never worry about loosing keys.
  • give entry to who you want and only when you want.
  • Give entry even when you are away on holiday.
  • Still use conventional locking system when you want.

Disadvantages of using a smart lock:

  • Replace batteries eventually (most last very long).
  • If your phone dies and nobody is at home (only on certain models).

We are always innovating and bringing you the latest in home security combined with technology. Follow our blog and we will keep you posted about the latest smart locks and door handles.

To see our range please click this link: Smart locks