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The Best Handle Pairings for White Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no denying that white cabinets are a classic, especially so when they’re used in modern kitchens. Some people have even taken their love for them into other home spaces, including hallways. Doing so gives you a variety of options and materials to choose from when it comes to finding the best handles (and pairings) to round off the room. So where do you begin? Today, we’ll delve into these and more, giving you everything you need to know before making a final decision of what to go with. 

The Benefits of Choosing White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are aesthetically clean and crisp, which speaks to why they have continued to be popular from generation to generation. These cabinets play a complementary role in a world where minimalism is starting to become more and more popular. Aside from the way they look, they have a lot to offer in terms of reflecting light into the space, brightening it up with the right window placement. Done well, these may even increase the resale value of your home, as they have the potential to present a wow factor to the space. 

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Before we look at the best handle pairings for this colour type, it’s helpful to know what to look out for when you’re choosing new kitchen cabinet handles. Always start with a central theme, ideally related to the kitchen space and tying into the aesthetic feel of the entire home. Consider whether you would like to go with knobs or pulls, and how these may look relative to other fixtures and appliances. Never overlook quality, no matter what kind of budget you are on. Taking time to explore your options, you’ll find the best fit for your home in no time at all. 


White Kitchen Cabinet Handle Pairings


Popular Handle Pairings to Choose From

Popular handle pairings for you to consider for your white kitchen cabinet are any combination of either matte black, silver or rose gold. Matte black offers a trendy, contemporary feel to the space. If simple and sleek is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this choice. Silver is timeless, durable and sleek, offering an added element of shine to the space. Rose Gold continues to be a trendy choice too, especially if you’re after a pop of colour. Depending on the rest of the design of the kitchen, any of these could be combined to round off the space and make it feel like a home space you are proud of. 

High Quality Handles and Cabinet Fittings

At Decor Handles, we’re proud to offer our customers anything from specialised door handles to locks, other handy hardware and more. When you’re starting your planning for a kitchen remodel, or moving into a brand new space and starting from scratch, our range can help you find the best handle pairings for your cabinets and doors. If you’re sure about white kitchen cabinets, you’ll be glad to know that we have a team of specialists on hand for advice on finding the perfect match for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you soon.