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The Best Door Handle Pairings for Oak Doors

So you’ve got your eye on an oak door for your home space, but you’re wondering about the best door handles to really make them pop. We’ve got your covered right here! Oak doors have been around for ages, and are a staple in homes around the country thanks to the variety of benefits they bring to the table. Today, we’ll discuss what these are, look at which door handles you should be considering for your door, while also pointing you in the right direction for where to look in order to find the best deal for your price bracket.

Are Oak Doors Popular?

Oak doors have long been popular in home design, and were initially used predominantly for interior doors in kitchens and dining rooms. Over the years this has started to shift somewhat, with more people choosing them for their exterior doors too. Their simplistic and neat nature have resulted in a smooth transition into modern design, especially in the wake of the minimalist movement gaining speed and momentum in recent years. Naturally appealing to the eye, these are a great fit across the board.

Why Oak is Used for Doors

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, oak is a great insulator, meaning it helps to prevent heat from escaping through its core. This will not only help to keep rooms warm during the colder winter months, but may even end up saving you on your utility bills too. Oak is strong and durable, which also makes it a good choice for exterior doors. Their versatility, as well as their distinctly visible grain that adds an air of polish and sophistication to any space, makes them a great choice for homes, apartments and cottages alike. 


Best Door Handles for Oak Doors


Types of Door Handles for Perfect Pairings

A wide range of door handle pairings work with oak doors, ranging from flush pull to classic doorknobs and more. Depending on the theme of the living space, these can be made out of brass or bronze, depending on whether you’re looking to maintain a more traditional or a modern feel. Explore your options, test the waters with a few potential choices and keep in mind that you need the right mechanism depending on the size and weight of the door. Finding the best pairing will require some trial and error, as well as a second opinion on whether it is a practical choice considering the space you’re working with. 

Extra Help Along The Way

After getting a second opinion from a loved one, the Decor Handles team is here too to make sure you cover all your bases too. Our online catalogue features a wide range of options that work very well with oak doors. You may even find something for the other doors in the house at a highly affordable price. We’re all about bringing the best quality door handles to the South African market, and look forward to helping you with your decision as soon as you are ready.