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The Essential Guide to Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Kitchen cupboard handles come in a variety of designs, finishes, and sizes, each with its own unique potential to accentuate your kitchen’s style. Knobs and pulls are popular for their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Not only are kitchen handles stylish, they are critical for maintaining the lifespan of kitchen cupboards, by keeping food and spills from transferring onto your cupboards. But how do you go about choosing the right option for your own kitchen without being overwhelmed? 

Guidelines for Choosing Kitchen Cupboard Handles 

Choosing the right kitchen cupboards and handles should be done last if you’re building or renovating your home. After you've decided on all of your materials, follow these guidelines to get the best kitchen cupboard handles. 

Guideline 1: Knobs or Pulls? 

When deciding whether to use a knob, a pull, or a combination of the two, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Although it is common practice that doors have knob handles and drawers have pull handles. It is also wise to use pull handles for pull-out or big doors, as is often used for rubbish bins or pantries, as this allows for easier handling. Opening a  pull handle drawer is much more practical and comfortable compared to knobs, as you are able to grip with your whole hand. 

Guideline 2: Fitting Finishes 

Brushed nickel and chrome are popular choices, but there are a variety of alternative finishes to choose from to spice up your kitchen. If you’d like a bit of variety, don’t feel obligated to match your handles to your taps. However, take care to ensure that the finish doesn’t clash with the style and finishes of the rest of the kitchen. 

Bronze, antique pewter and aluminum finishes complement brushed stainless steel or brushed nickel taps. While chrome taps can be paired with bronze, clear glass or pewter finishes. It is up to personal preference to choose the same finishes across fittings, or to mix and match complimentary finishes. 

Guideline 3: Put It to the Test 

A simple way to determine whether or not you like the look and feel of a kitchen handle or knob is to test it. Instead of buying something you regret after the fact, you’re much more likely to get a feel for your ideal kitchen cupboard hardware by testing different options in the store. Place your hand around the handle and move it as you would in your own kitchen. Do your hands and fingers fit comfortably around the handle? Do the edges feel smooth or are there sharp edges? 

Guideline 4: Consider the Cost 

Striking a balance between cost and quality can be a delicate dance. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it). If you are going to buy the cheapest fittings from an unknown supplier, there’s  a very good chance that you’ll be stuck with sub-par quality items that won’t last very long. A better approach is to head to a kitchen fittings showroom or decorative hardware specialist, as you will have a wide selection to choose from and knowledgeable salespeople to help you. 

The cost will vary depending on the finish as well as the design. Solid brass and stainless steel will naturally be more expensive than other materials. Handles are usually slightly more expensive to purchase, due to the additional materials required for production. 

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