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The Best Kinds of Door Handles for Your Interior Doors

A new year is upon us, and if you’re planning on moving to a new house in the coming months, a few tips to turn it into a home might be well worth exploring. The sooner you and your loved ones can feel like it is your own space, the better. Although creating the perfect space does mean choosing the right big ticket items for every room, the smaller things are equally important for adding those finishing touches to every space. Something as simple as choosing the right door handles not only offers up an opportunity for creative expression, but can altogether transform the feel of any interior as well. 

Modern Stainless Steel Door Handles

Modernity and stainless steel go hand-in-hand whether you’re choosing a new kitchen appliance, or the right door handle for the space. Stainless steel door handles have long been popular thanks to their affordability, durability and because of being relatively easy to maintain. S-shaped stainless steel door handles are bestsellers (often for front doors, but also used elsewhere), thanks to their versatility across a range of room types. Outline stainless steel door handles are another option to consider, especially for bathrooms, as they won’t rust in moisture-heavy environments. 

Exclusive Royal Antique Options

Royal Antique door handles are timeless, often doubling up as statement pieces across homes. Made from solid brass and imported from Europe, these have been masterfully crafted with exquisite, intricate detail that you won’t find with more commercial door handle types. If you’re going for a more classic feel (especially if you’ve recently re-watched Downton Abbey or The Queen), this is the way to go. Explore exclusive ranges to truly get something that the British monarch would herself enjoy very much too. 

Elegant Italian Door Handles

You simply can’t go wrong with imported Italian door handles, which are perfect for every type of interior door. Robust and long lasting, these are pristinely finished and typically come with warranties of up to a decade. Although you might have to wait a while for your perfect choice to reach South African shores, with enough planning it can be timed exactly for when you’re about to move into the space. Consider a two-tone slim lever handle, lever handle on rose, or something similar for a unique design that will have your guests enquiring about them the first time they come around for dinner. 

Finding the Best Door Handles for Your Needs

The Decor Handles team is committed to helping you find the best door handles for your specific needs. No stone is left unturned when it comes to presenting you with a variety of options that will get your imagination running wild ahead of the big move. We’ve been at it for more than 20 years, with a customer base spanning businesses and homeowners alike. Get in touch about a site visit in Johannesburg, or if you would like to schedule a call to discuss how we can help to make your new home even more special than it already is.