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How to Choose the Right Door Handle for Your Home

Your front door serves as an introduction to your home, so the first impression it gives to you and anyone who visits you should be a good one. That’s why many homeowners spend time and money choosing just the right door handle to go with their front doors, giving each home its own unique look and feel. Choosing the right door handle, however, can seem like an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips that will help you get started on choosing the right door handle for your home.

Types of Handles

There are many different types of door handles available on the market, so it is important to choose the one that is right for your home. Some of the most popular types include lever handles, knob handles and deadbolt handles. Lever handles are often used on doors that require less security, such as interior doors. Knob handles are more common on exterior doors and deadbolt handles are typically used on doors that require more security, such as front doors.

Each handle type comes in several styles, and you’ll need to decide what look is best for your home. Most interior doors have a simple lever or knob handle, but you can also find more ornate handles that are designed for more expensive homes. Exterior doors often have fancier handles, like those with glass designs or multiple twists. Most deadbolt handles are round and silver with a small cylinder on one side that must be turned to open it.

Finally, you'll need to decide whether you want to use a knob handle or a lever handle. Kinks are more common on interior doors but can be used for exterior ones as well. Knob handles require less pressure to turn and generally don't wear out as quickly as lever handles do. However, they are usually more expensive and look better on lighter-coloured doors. Lever handles require less maintenance than other types of handles because they don't use springs that can break over time.

Consider Style

You want a door handle that fits in with the style of your home. If you have a modern home, you'll want a sleek and simple door handle. If you have a more traditional home, you might want something with more ornate details. Think about what will look best in your home and go from there.

In addition to style, you want to think about functionality. Some door handles are easier to use than others, and some are designed to make it harder for a burglar to enter your home by sticking them with a pin and sliding them open. If you're concerned about security, look for a door handle that incorporates anti-burglary technology like kick plates or anti-pry shields. Also, look for one that offers deadbolts at all entry points of your home.

If you're concerned about privacy, look for a door handle that will keep others from looking into your home. A knob with frosted glass or an opaque finish will provide more privacy. You might also consider a door handle with an integrated peephole so you can check who's at your door before opening it.

Do You Need a Door Handle or Door Knob?

When it comes to door handles, there are two main types: door knobs and door levers. Both have their pros and cons, so it's important to know which one is right for your home before making a purchase.

There are other features to look for in door handles and knobs, as well. First, decide if you want a doorknob that is round or square. This can be an aesthetic choice, but some people might prefer a round door knob because it requires less force to turn. Secondly, you'll need to decide on handle material—brass is one of the most common choices, but steel and aluminium are also available options. Do you want your handle to match your other fixtures?

When it comes to door levers, some have a locking option, which is useful for keeping small children from opening doors. You’ll also want to decide if you need a door knob with a keyhole for your home’s security system. Each type of handle can come in multiple finishes and designs so that you can choose one that fits well with your style. How will your door handles look when they are installed? Consider all of these factors when choosing door handles and knobs for your home.

Check Measurements

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you know the measurements of your door. You don't want to buy a handle only to find out it's too big or small for your door. Once you have the measurements, you can start narrowing down your options.

Most handle sets have between two and six pieces to them. These include a handle, a strike plate (which attaches to your door frame), back plates (which attach to your door), and sometimes trim pieces or other decorative items. Take all of these measurements into account when looking at handles so you know they will fit properly on your door.

You should also keep in mind that you want to make sure your handle is properly aligned for use. Most people are right-handed, so a right-handed lever will allow you to operate it with your dominant hand. If you're left-handed, choose a left-handed door handle instead. This will be easier and more comfortable to use if you have arthritis or limited mobility in your hands or wrists.

And remember, most handles aren't sold in single pieces. You'll need to buy a complete set including all of these pieces to replace your old handle. Check with your local hardware or home decor store for availability. You may have to order online if they don't carry it in stock.

Buy From a Reputable Dealer

You want to make sure that you're buying from a reputable dealer, as this will ensure that you're getting a quality product. Furthermore, a reputable dealer will be able to answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect door handle for your home.

At Decor Handles,  we are committed to helping our customers find the right door handle for their homes! Our top-notch customer service team is available by phone or email from Monday to Saturday. We also offer free shipping on all orders above R1 000, so it's worth looking into if you're planning on purchasing more than one item!

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What Finish Should You Choose 

When it comes to choosing a door handle for your home, there are many factors to consider. One is the finish. You want to make sure that the finish of your door handle compliments the overall style of your home. If you have a modern home, then a sleek, chrome finish would be a good choice. If you have a more traditional home, then a brass or bronze finish would be a better option. There are also many finishes in between these two extremes that can work well in any type of home.

Besides deciding on a finish, you’ll also need to decide whether you want an interior or exterior door handle. If you have an exterior door, then any of your options will work well since it will be exposed to the elements. However, if you have an interior door, then you’ll need to find a handle that is made from materials that can withstand moisture from everyday use such as hand sanitiser.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on a lever or knob style. If you have an exterior door, then it will be easy to decide since knobs are better for doors that need to open quickly and lever styles take more force to open. However, if you have an interior door then either option works well as long as they complement your other home décor.

Get Your Bespoke Door Handle from Decor Handles 

A door handle is one of the first things that visitors to your home will touch, so it's important to make sure it reflects the style of your home. At Decor Handles, we offer a wide range of door handles to suit all styles of homes. Whether you're looking for a traditional or contemporary design, we have a door handle to suit your needs. We also offer bespoke door handles for those who want something truly unique.

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