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Door Handles

A door handle or doorknob is a handle that is used to open or close a door. There are door handles on all kinds of doors, like the outside doors of homes and businesses, as well as on interior doors, cupboard doors, and vehicle doors.

There are many different kinds of door handles, each with its own use. A lot of door handles, especially for business and home doors, have latching or locking mechanisms built in or are made to fit standard latching or locking mechanisms.

There are a lot of different things that can be used to make door handles. Brass, porcelain, cut glass, wood, and bronze are some examples.

Door handles have been around for at least 5,000 years, and since then, their mechanisms, types, and designs have become more advanced.

What are the different types of door handles?

Lever handles, pull handles, and door knobs are the three main types of door handles.

Lever handles

One of the most common types of door handle found in homes, businesses, and public buildings is the lever door handle. Their selection of styles makes them perfect for a different number of buildings. 

  • The Lever Bathroom is usually used on bathroom doors because it is easy to lock and unlock from the inside by turning the snib. In an emergency, a coin or other small object can be put into a slot and turned to open the door from the outside. This lock has a mortice sash that is hooked up to a 5mm spindle that goes through the door.
  • The Lever Privacy is like the Lever Bathroom in that it can be locked from the inside by turning a snib and opened from the outside in case of an emergency. There is no mortice sash like there is in the Lever Bathroom. Instead, you lock the door by jamming the lever in the closed position.

Pull handles

As the name suggests, a pull handle is a type of handle that helps with pulling. You can hold a pull handle with one hand or both, and then pull it. When you pull on a pull handle, the object or piece of work it is attached to will move. 

They are U-shaped and are mostly used in the kitchen but can also be used for drawers. Usually made of stainless steel.

Door Knobs

A wheel and axle is a simple machine in which the axle connects the object to the wheel. A door knob has an axle in the middle with a wheel on it. So, a doorknob is an example of a simple machine and not a screw.

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