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Knobs or Handles on Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets - Which Should You Choose?

When you’re choosing between knobs or handles for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you might be a little overwhelmed by all the different options out there. It can take a long time to work through these, especially if you haven’t quite decided which one is best for your space. That said, we’re here to help you make the right decision based on what you’re working with. Choosing between knobs or handles comes down to personal preference, a few practical considerations, as well as knowing a little more about what you’re in for when going with either. Let’s dive straight in today. 

A General Rule

Although it’s difficult to set a rule for every single space, in many instances, people find that knobs do make it easier to open upper cabinets, like those found in a kitchen space. Handles (or pulls) are great for lower cabinets or drawers. This has been the case ever since Victorian kitchens were in style. Mixing and matching isn’t a bad idea, but when the balance is out, it may end up looking a little more rushed or worse, slightly tacky. If you’re open to exploring a combination of both, play around with a few combinations in order to see what you’re most comfortable with. 

The Size of the Space

The difference between knobs or handles being best for your space also has a lot to do with how big it is, and how the cabinets are designed and placed. In some instances, it doesn’t make practical sense to have a knob, as you may walk into it and end up hurting yourself in the process. This is especially true with lower cabinets that might be near a tight bathroom entrance. Sharp handles can also cause some problems, so make sure that you are keeping the size of the space in mind, as well as ensuring the layout makes practical sense for what you’re trying to achieve too. 

Greater Freedom in the Kitchen

The kitchen space will generally be larger than the bathroom, so you will likely end up with more cabinets to work with and options to explore here. Knobs are a comfortable option for kitchen cabinet doors because of the natural rotation of the hand whenever you open one. They are less likely to require as much force as a heavy drawer in the bathroom might need, meaning you won’t be pulling out the DIY kit in order to make repairs from time to time. Ask for a second opinion once you’ve decided on what you’re going with, to make everyone in the home feel included in the decision.

Door Handles, Pulls and Knobs Aplenty

A little bit of expert advice can also go a long way to ensuring that you buy something practical, efficient and durable, while still being able to ascribe to personal preference. Decor Handles has been helping customers to create their dream bathrooms and kitchens for over twenty years, with a wide range of product options that go unmatched elsewhere in South Africa. We work with architects, designers and project managers to help them hit the mark with every project, with a professional team that is always willing to go the extra mile for existing customers, as well as for brand new ones.